Eye Liner


Achieve the Ultimate ‘Liquid-liner Look’ 24/7. Or opt for a more smudged softer look.

The appearance of thicker, darker lashes and more defined eyes make a difference to your whole face.  Creating this effect day after day can be difficult.  Having expertly applied PMU is the perfect solution, giving you professional results that stay put!

While varying  shades of black are the most popular eyeliner pigment choices,  we do offer a variety of colors that are quite stunning including browns, blues and greens.   


a fine line or dots of pigment within the natural lash line.  This technique is the most natural and will achieve a darker fuller lash line. 

Colors can be applied alone or as a highlight to a black lash enhancement. Really pretty! Eyeliners can be applied on either the upper, lower or both eyelids.<br />


lash enhancement is included and followed by a thicker line just above or below the lash line. Thickness and style to be determined by you. A natural permanent liner is always recommended.

*Remember you can always add traditional makeup for a dramatic look on a night out. You cant remove it for a casual Sunday brunch or your hot yoga class.

eyeliner pic 1
Eyeliner lash enhancement pic 2